Trail Planning Tips

Trail Planning Tips

Not only do we provide you a customized modular trail kit, but we also want to be your consultant in the trail planning process. Count on us to be your resource from government laws and regulations to funding sources for your trail. Ask us any questions that will keep your trail project moving forward.



Funding Sources

1. Grants

Grants are available through the Federal government. Funding amounts vary from year to year depending on legislative agendas.

MAP-21 – Federal Highway Administration Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)


2. Donations and Gifts

Asking for donations from businesses and residents of donated land, labor, equipment, and funds can really get your project going. Gifts from trusts, such as the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund also are a good source.

How to Ask for Donations

Making Donations Easy


3. Multi-jurisdictional Funding

If you plan to cross township or city lines, it is highly beneficial to have agencies work together to get funding. Multi-jurisdictional filing also helps in seeking grants.

Multi-jurisdictional Laws


4. General Funds

Check for availability of funds in your township or city’s operation and maintenance fund which is supported by property taxes.

What is the General Fund?



Laws and Regulations

When you need to connect over private residences, find out what easements you can access. Remember to make good relationships with those property owners to support your trail project.

Definition of Easements

The Environmental Protection Act of 1977 set forth laws that prohibited the filling of wetland. Modular Trail Structures are designed to limit the impact based on this law.

Environmental Protection Act of 1977



Trail Planning Costs

Analysis of Trail Maintenance Costs


Trail Associations

Modular Trail Structures, LLC are members of the following organizations. Check out these sites when planning your trail.

American Trails


Professional Trail Builders Association

NRPA – National Parks and Recreation Association

WPRA – Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association

Have more questions about planning your trail? Contact us at 608.609.9277.