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Why Choose Modular trail Structures

Innovative, Durable, and Cost-Effective Boardwalks

Modular Trail Structures is a boardwalk manufacturing company that combines innovation with the benefits of pre-fabrication to offer boardwalks and elevated walkways that are highly durable, customized yet cost-effective, and designed to minimize impact on the natural environment. All of our frames come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our pre-fabricated, modular approach to boardwalk construction offers many benefits for owners and installers:

  • Detailed design information for specifiers
  • Pre-fabricated yet tailored to each project
  • Durable, steel frames
  • Reduced cost and time to install
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Suited to any environment with minimal impact
  • Work anywhere in the U.S. on projects of any size and scope
  • Ongoing support from specification through installation and beyond

Our entire manufacturing process is aimed at reducing waste and minimizing the number of parts needed, which makes our boardwalks products easier to build, easier to install and less expensive. We can install a boardwalk in less time and with fewer labor hours than building the boardwalk on site – which can translate into major savings for the contractors we partner with as well as the end users who benefit from a product that is virtually maintenance-free.

We’re flexible, nimble and entirely personalized in how we serve our customers. We know that our success and our reputation rest on the relationships we cultivate with specifiers, contractors, vendors and customers, and on delivering the best quality products and customer service on every single project.

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